23 February, 2006

Posted by Siôn Rhys Evans

I’ve posted a (very, very) brief introduction to the blog and the Anglican Communion as a page (accessed through the menu on the left). One of the things which came up when discussing this site today was that it offered the opportunity for people to talk about what the Anglican Communion meant to them in their own (geographical) context. If writing something along these lines appeals, then please send me your text in an email (

Any help in translating this message would be greatly appreciated.



23 February, 2006

Posted by Siôn Rhys Evans

I’ve added some links (on the left), hoping that they will (a) provide access to other sources of interesting and useful information, and (b) reflect the richness and diversity of the Anglican Communion (especially those links to local churches). The selection is a partial one, governed by restricted time and personal interests. Inclusion does not signify any special blessing. Omission of a site merely indicates that I haven’t encountered it / haven’t had a chance to include it. Please send me an email ( or post a comment with other sites you’d like included.

Introduction: “…adventurous to think…”

22 February, 2006

Posted by Siôn Rhys Evans

This website is a response to comments made at a meeting of young members from the Anglican Communion during the 9th Assembly of the World Council of Churches in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

The Assembly (I’m writing this on Day 9) is a vast gathering of Christians from the WCC’s 348 member-churches. It’s an easy place at which to meet people, and an easier place at which to meet people and then lose touch. Hopefully this site – or other media which will develop over the coming weeks and months – will allow those who gathered on Monday as ‘Anglican youth’ to keep in touch, both with one another and with people further up the Anglican hierarchy. And not only to keep in touch, but to make plans, exchange news and discuss ideas.

A few more detailed comments about this webspace:

Me: My name is Siôn. In the real world, I work for Cytûn: Churches Together in Wales (an ecumenical body in the UK). I find myself convening this because I have some time on my hands and a laptop nearby. I’m clear that I’m only a humble convener and that this space is open to all.

This blog – a provisional solution: For the time being I thought we could use this weblog site as a way of keeping in touch. An email list also exists, which can also be used and may, indeed, be the best way of moving forward. Alternatively, we may decide that it’s better to have a proper discussion group or a proper website. The advantages of this site are that it saves us having to use ‘reply all’ emails endlessly, and that it’s slightly more accessible than a discussion group. For the time being, why not be Anglican about it, and see what happens and what works…

While we are using this, it’s probably worth noting (for those of you familiar with blogs) that it will have to work in a different way to the normative: it won’t have one author, and the ‘comments’ section (accessed from the bottom of the main posts) will be of greater importance than usual, becoming the vital space where discussion takes place. For those of you unfamiliar with blogs, this is basically a website made up of ‘posts’ (main articles or items), with a space below each (in the ‘comments’ section) for all those who wish to respond directly.

If you’d like to contribute a post – some thoughts about this space, or about an issue concerning your church (locally, nationally, internationally), or some news about a forthcoming event or a recent controversy, or a link to something else happening on the web, or some thoughts about what we should be doing as ‘Anglican youth’ – why not email it to me ( If you’d like to be able to contribute with greater ease, then be in touch and we could add you as a formal user.

It may be a slow start, so those of you on the email list may initially receive an email each time there’s a new post.

Language: These few days in Brazil have made me realize that communicating within and across the Anglican Communion is more complex than I’d previously appreciated. It’s not going to be possible for everything posted here to appear simultaneously in a number of languages; indeed, there would be something very nice in having various discussions in a range of languages which touch one another at crucial points. Perhaps the linguists among us could offer translations of interesting passages they encounter? Some things (including this post) will have to be made available in a range of languages (and in the case of this post, as soon as possible)…

Agenda: As I’ve mentioned above, this space has the potential to be extremely flexible: it can easily include stuff about events, initiatives, arguments, theologies, ecclesiologies, youth activities, social justice, grace, God.

Involvement: Ours is a broad church. This webspace is open to all. If you’d like your name added to the email list, then email me ( Invite your friends, too.

First steps: A few initial ideas to be explored include youthful accompaniment at the Lambeth Conference in 2008, interface with the Anglican Youth Network, discussions about social justice programmes already happening, and a sharing of the good news which we encounter in our local churches.

Before all that, and as a starting point, perhaps just a few prayerful words from William Barclay: O God, our Father, our source of help and blessing: take from us the laziness which will not learn, the prejudice which cannot learn, and give us minds adventurous to think, memories strong to remember, wills resolute to do. This we ask for Jesus’ sake. Amen.